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The Legend of BAR BOX

Bar Box Studio Pvt. Ltd. was built out of the need to satisfy cocktail enthusiasts who wanted to make their own drinks at home. We wanted affordable and high-quality tools, but we couldn’t find them anywhere and quickly realized the majority of tools on the market were either low quality or too expensive. So, we decided to make our very own from our garage - starting with bar sets that are perfect for building the foundations of anyone’s passion for cocktail mixing. BarBox makes luxury devices for the serious bartender - but we also love producing kits that can help anyone in their  passion for mixology - and put a smile on their face while doing it.

Crafting excellence requires intention put into your setup from the beginning.

Our founder’s passion for craft cocktails resulted in high-quality bar gear that is both beautiful and professional grade. Unlike some other options available currently on the market, we make sure to provide our customers with reasonable prices on their purchases and don’t drive up costs unnecessarily since our engineered, patented designs get the job done while saving you money over time while maintaining your drink quality. From bar kits to glassware, muddlers and beyond we make sure that we offer only the best products when it comes to helping you mix up your ideal booze: cutting down on costs of ingredients, keeping ice cool for hours at a time as well as equipment that lasts long without causing breakage or accidental spillages: all thanks to its durable design.

Simplify your experience

Right out of the box, our products set the standard for the ultimate at-home bar kit, taking your skills to the next level.  If you are looking to "Beginners Guide to Mixology" or even "Home Bartending 101" or want to finally create a great home bar for yourself using expertly chosen industries best manufacturers then we have what you need in one spot and plenty of options how much you'll spend on it.


Our tools are built to last. Whether you take your set on holiday or just to the next bar down the road, you can rely on them for years to come. Because we believe in our products, each one comes with a 6 month warranty guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction should you ever encounter any issues.


Many drinking tools lack personality. We wanted to offer a variety of sets that fit everyone’s personal taste and style. From rustic wood, to stylish mahogany, and even elegant stainless steel, our variety of sets are designed with you in mind - or make the perfect gift for your loved ones.*


Unlike other brands, we focus on crafting our bar kits so that everyone can enjoy high-quality cocktails. We know how important it is to create unforgettable and fun experiences at home while entertaining your friends and family, which is why we go above and beyond by designing parts that are of the highest quality. When you trust us with your cocktail creations, we’ll be here to help you along the way so that you’re always prepared whether it’s for an unexpected guest or a gathering with some friends.